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  • Lynn Johnson

    My son had read a lot of reviews and had decided on this one. Excellent quality and a study carrying case. He has used it fly fishing with outstanding results. Would recommend.

  • Quint Mcdonald

    Great casting rod! Very fast action (even faster than my Sage One, though not as precise), which equates to being able to cast far and into wind. The flip-side of this is that it will pop light tippets easier and tends to "manhandle" smallish fish. Happy with the build quality.

  • Jayson Hall

    TFO rods are my go-to, I keep one in the truck year-round just for that sweet spot along the road. Great rod for a bigger but also nothing wrong with it for an established angler. Cant go wrong.

  • Ronnie Mac Chestnut

    Hands down, one of my favorite fly rods. Casts like a dream and high quality construction. Not to mention the lifetime warranty.

  • Kathy-Ann Becker

    I love the way a Temple Fork handles and throws line, and how sting it is when you have a fish on. A four piece rod is easy to pack on a plane and easy to hike through the woods with. This is good gear.

  • Chase Morris

    I’m no beginner, and believe TFO is the best value for the price of any fly rod made. It is just as light and responsive as “the expensive brands”.

  • Alessandro Ferrell

    Throws nice. Not overly stiff which is good for the 4wt. Well put together. It’s a good looking rod. Would recommend.